Who is Lizzie?


Well, the short answer is….I have absolutely no bloody idea.  I’m still figuring it out.

Demoralised Public Sector desk jockey by day; I’m like many women my age in that I feel I wear about a million different ‘hats’. I’m also a wife, mother, cook, cleaner, dog-walker, part-time therapist (and part-time patient), chauffeur, drama queen,  nose-wiper, bum-cleaner, story-reader….the list goes on. And on.

I live in Leicestershire with my husband, young daughter and doggy, Lola (woof!)

I’d love to tell you about my hobbies and interests.  However,  it seems that this business of being an actual real live grown up and wearing all these different hats has meant that there’s precious little time to work out what makes me, me. 

I love to cook (there will be plenty of posts on this one subject I am reasonably confident about), I have vague interests in things like sewing (i.e. i’ve googled it a few times and thought, hmm that would be fun), hair and beauty (once upon a time I was a hairdresser), interiors, fashion (although I suspect these days I am now deeply unfashionable) and I’ve tried my hand at painting some knackered old furniture.  However, the main point of this blog is for me to focus on trying out new things, exploring exactly what it is that I want to enjoy,  trying to bring a bit of creativity back to my life and work out just who Lizzie really is.





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