The Perfect Slimming World Chips


Ok, a slightly more mundane post from me following yesterday’s diatribe….how to make the perfect Slimming World Chips!

I love Slimming World. I don’t follow it strictly (hence, I suspect, why I never lose any weight….). In fact, lately I’ve been semi-seriously following the 5:2 diet (more on that another day). However, on days when I’m not falling mightily off the wagon  fasting, I do try to stick to Slimming World-y type meals, just because I have about a million of the magazines and I’m all for eating gargantuan portions cutting calories where I can.

The go-to meal for pretty much every Slimming World-er on the planet seems to be the burgers and chips. Burgers and chips as ‘diet food’?! What’s not to like?! I think the burger recipes taste great, but I’ve struggled with the chips over many attempts. They seem to always come out too soggy, or burnt, or tasteless, and just not chip-like at all.

Lets face it-chips without oil are never going to taste exactly like the real deal and I think everyone should absolutely fall off the wagon once in a while and get down to the chip shop for the greasiest, filthiest batch you can find. But for those more wholesome days, I think I’ve come as close as I can to making them taste pretty bloody awesome. I’ve compensated for the lack of artery clogging goodness with a little spice, which I think goes a long way and gives them that feel-good savoury kick. I’ve shared my method below.

PS . These chips are designed for the paupers amongst us who, like me, do not own an air fryer. An air fryer would kick these chips’ ass every time.

P.P.S. Someone please buy me an air fryer.

The Perfect Slimming World Chips


(Serves 2, but easily doubles or halves. I usually just use one decent sized potato per person)

You’ll need….

  • 2 Floury potatoes (Maris Piper or King Edwards are the best)
  • Fry light spray (I think Olive oil ‘flavour’ works best)
  • tsp Salt
  • tsp Smoked Paprika
  • tsp Peri-Peri spice (or fajita spice, if you have any kicking around)
  • Oven proof wire mesh chip tray (I have no idea what this is actually called…but you’ll work it out from the pictures. This really goes a long way to making your chips crispy on the outside and fluffy inside and I can’t recommend them enough. You can get them for a couple of quid in places like B&M bargains and Wilkos).

Peel your potatoes and slice them into thickish wedges (I think slightly thicker works better, the skinnier ones seem to either go soggy or get sizzled). Dump them in some boiling water to par-boil them for about 4 or 5 minutes before taking them out and draining them. Briefly stick them back in the pan and shake it around a bit, just to give the edges a bit of texture.

Lay them out in a single layer on a (clean!) tea towel and use kitchen roll to soak up the moisture on the top. The key here is to get them really dry; when I make SW chips, I par boil them an hour or so in advance and leave them out on the tea towel so they can get totally dry before going in the oven.

Once they’re dry, stick them all in a boil and spray with the fry light. Add the salt and spices, give it all a good shake and a bit more spray.

Lay them out in a single layer on your wire mesh thingy and put in a pre-heated oven (around 190 for 20-25 minutes, or until lovely and golden on the outside).



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