Nag Your Mothers: Three Cheers for Mammograms!

imageI was a little reluctant to write this post just now seeing as a) it’s not Breast Cancer awareness week or similar b) I didn’t want to come across all patronising. However, with Mother’s Day approaching, I’m finding it hard to focus on the usual flowers and chocolate business this year and my mind keeps ticking over with thoughts about this year could have turned out so differently for my own mum.

My mum is 64 and generally keeps pretty fit and well. She lives alone, sorts herself out, and gets on with things. She’s a pretty glam grannie. We’ve no history of any major illness in the family or any cause for concern. She is, however, more than a little flaky when it comes to matters of her health. She’s old school, the sort of “it’ll be right in the morning” type whose primary concern with regards to all things medical appears to be not to bother the doctor.  Continue reading