Jamie Oliver’s (Ultra Virtuous) Sweet Potato Muffins Review


This year, I’ve been all about the healthy eating. It’s now 34 days in to 2016, which means that this resolution has lasted approximately 33 days longer than any of its predecessors. It seems the entire population of 25-40’s are currently jumping on the nutritional bandwagon, and I’m no different. Yet I find the likes of Amelia Freer or Ella (as lovely as they seem) a little intimidating, and have limited my venture into healthy eating to stay within the boundaries of good old faithful Jamie Oliver. Yes, he gets a little carried away with olive oil sometimes, and he’s been known to abuse his balsamic vinegar privileges, but you always know where you are with Jamie. He generally doesn’t mess you about.

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Hello world indeed!

Hello World Indeed!

Welcome to my blog. Borne from the sort of clarity which is only achieved via Dry January deep reflection, I intend to use this space to bring back some creativity to my life. Continue reading