Jamie Oliver’s (Ultra Virtuous) Sweet Potato Muffins Review


This year, I’ve been all about the healthy eating. It’s now 34 days in to 2016, which means that this resolution has lasted approximately 33 days longer than any of its predecessors. It seems the entire population of 25-40’s are currently jumping on the nutritional bandwagon, and I’m no different. Yet I find the likes of Amelia Freer or Ella (as lovely as they seem) a little intimidating, and have limited my venture into healthy eating to stay within the boundaries of good old faithful Jamie Oliver. Yes, he gets a little carried away with olive oil sometimes, and he’s been known to abuse his balsamic vinegar privileges, but you always know where you are with Jamie. He generally doesn’t mess you about.

On that note, I received his new ‘Everyday Superfood’ book for christmas (santa is on the bandwagon too obviously). Some of the recipes look daunting, some look a little scary, but most look pretty tasty and all appear virtuous. Packed with veggie loaded recipes, beans, lentils, and all sorts of weird and wonderful fish, its obvious you will immediately go to heaven if you start eating this food.

I’ve been wanting to try the Sweet Potato muffins for a while. With Chilli, Cheese and seeds….they had me at cheese. Jamie lists these in the breakfast section, but I thought they made a nicer lunch. Very savoury, they are not the most delicious muffins you will ever have (think more gym fuel and less Costa treat) and they absolutely failed the kid test (adults only apparently), but these were pretty decent, filled me up, and I think I would make them again (if only i was better at baking, as the photos will shamefully attest)

You can find the recipe here.

Overall, they were  pretty easy to put together. However, it calls for a whopping 600g of grated sweet potato… I just want to take a moment here and ask you to visualise grating 600g of those big ugly orange blighters, that is an obscene amount of potato! I kept having to swap for a bigger bowl, it took me what seemed like an age, and required some serious elbow grease. I think you could get away with using a little less, if your arm needs a rest.

An obscene amount of sweet potato

An obscene amount of sweet potato

One of the reasons why I am a notoriously rubbish baker is because I just cannot leave a recipe alone. This is great for cooking, because you can get away with slinging in a bit of this and a pinch of that, take out the bits you don’t like and replace them with something you do. Baking requires a certain obedience and precision; both qualities in which I am woefully deficient. In that vien, I lived dangerously and sprinkled in a little peri peri spice into the muffin mixture, replaced the cottage cheese with fat-free (heaven, remember?!) and replaced the recommended seeds with chia, because thats what I had in the house and I was still pissed off about having to buy a bag of organic whole grain flour.

Slightly scary looking and ready to go in the oven

Slightly scary looking and ready to go in the oven

 I baked the muffins for the recommended 45 minutes, and while I wouldn’t say they were burned, the chillies I had artfully dotted over were looking more than a little frazzled. It also turned out that my calorie saving wisdom of lining the muffin trays with fry light over oil was ill-advised, as I spent a significant part of my lunch hour today scraping bits of muffin away from the paper.

Overall, these were easy, suitably hippie-fied, saintly, full of healthy goodness and got rid of the savoury cravings that usually besiege me over lunch (and result in a crazed dash to Tesco for crisps). I would make them again.

Just don’t even try it with the kids. Ever. 

The finished (very slightly burned) product

The finished (very slightly burned) product

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