Hello world indeed!

Hello World Indeed!

Welcome to my blog. Borne from the sort of clarity which is only achieved via Dry January deep reflection, I intend to use this space to bring back some creativity to my life.

I’m quite sure when I was younger I had loads of hobbies and interests. I used to like…..doing stuff.  I don’t know whether it’s the pressures of motherhood and adulthood, or my soul crushing day job that’s done it (I strongly suspect the latter….) but I feel over the years I’ve become a little….flat. I am sure I’m capable of being more than a demoralised employee, frazzled mum or busy wife.

So, I intend to use this blog as a platform to try out new pursuits, hobbies, or plain old random things I may get a kick out of.  I do love to cook and am currently learning lots about nutrition, so no doubt that will feature heavily here, but I also want to waffle about random things, devise the greatest DIY beauty tricks in the history of (wo)mankind, search for mummy-hacks and things to make life easier, try out new creative pursuits all with the aim of finding my ‘niche’. I hope that committing this all to the deep dark web will sufficiently motivate me to step out of the ever-cliched ‘comfort zone’. After all, i’m reliably informed that having absolutely no bloody idea what you want to write about eminently qualifies me in the category of ‘lifestyle blog’.

Oh, and if I eventually do work out a way to get the perfect figure with absolutely no effort, i’ll definitely be telling you about that, too :)


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