Why Mother’s Day Matters

imageI attempted to nip out to the shops this afternoon; except there was no nipping to be done. I queued at a blocked roundabout for around 10 minutes, and then queued for another 10 minutes trying to get into the Sainsbury’s car park, and then treated myself to a little more queuing at the till. It was absolutely bloody crazy, much more so than the usual Saturday afternoon madness. Why? Mother’s Day, obviously. I have never seen so many people with flowers in my life. This far eclipsed the scale of hurried men with cards and chocolates I’d noticed on a similar shopping trip on Valentine’s day. The world and his wife were out today to make sure mum feels special tomorrow.  Continue reading

Nag Your Mothers: Three Cheers for Mammograms!

imageI was a little reluctant to write this post just now seeing as a) it’s not Breast Cancer awareness week or similar b) I didn’t want to come across all patronising. However, with Mother’s Day approaching, I’m finding it hard to focus on the usual flowers and chocolate business this year and my mind keeps ticking over with thoughts about this year could have turned out so differently for my own mum.

My mum is 64 and generally keeps pretty fit and well. She lives alone, sorts herself out, and gets on with things. She’s a pretty glam grannie. We’ve no history of any major illness in the family or any cause for concern. She is, however, more than a little flaky when it comes to matters of her health. She’s old school, the sort of “it’ll be right in the morning” type whose primary concern with regards to all things medical appears to be not to bother the doctor.  Continue reading

In Praise of Avocado Oil: DIY Hair & Beauty Gold


Seriously, this stuff is just brilliant. If you’ve got dry skin and/or hair, you need this in your life.

It’s only recently that I’ve been interested in DIY/’natural’ type hair and beauty products, and it’s not for the usual reasons you’d expect. I’m not exactly the crunchy mummy type. I’m usually too lazy to sort out the recycling and I tend to glaze over when people start talking to me about ‘clean living’. What I do like, however, is stuff that really works, and I don’t like paying a fortune for it either.  Continue reading