In Praise of Avocado Oil: DIY Hair & Beauty Gold


Seriously, this stuff is just brilliant. If you’ve got dry skin and/or hair, you need this in your life.

It’s only recently that I’ve been interested in DIY/’natural’ type hair and beauty products, and it’s not for the usual reasons you’d expect. I’m not exactly the crunchy mummy type. I’m usually too lazy to sort out the recycling and I tend to glaze over when people start talking to me about ‘clean living’. What I do like, however, is stuff that really works, and I don’t like paying a fortune for it either.  Continue reading

Incredible DIY hair mask for very poorly hair


Battering hair is one subject where I truly excel. I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was 12; my teen years were spent rocking the colour spectrum with everything from white to pink to black (and back again). Now that I am an actual real live grown up it’s mostly just blonde, but I can never make my mind up whether highlights or a full head block colour is the way forward. I also sport a natural wave which makes me look like I’ve stuck my finger in a light socket if I don’t do anything with it, so I hammer it with GHD’s daily.  This campaign of abuse has naturally taken its toll on my once ultra thick hair and it can now only be described as well and truly destroyed. Continue reading