In Praise of Avocado Oil: DIY Hair & Beauty Gold


Seriously, this stuff is just brilliant. If you’ve got dry skin and/or hair, you need this in your life.

It’s only recently that I’ve been interested in DIY/’natural’ type hair and beauty products, and it’s not for the usual reasons you’d expect. I’m not exactly the crunchy mummy type. I’m usually too lazy to sort out the recycling and I tend to glaze over when people start talking to me about ‘clean living’. What I do like, however, is stuff that really works, and I don’t like paying a fortune for it either. 

A couple of years ago I jumped on the Coconut oil bandwagon, and I was vaguely impressed…sort of. It smelled ok, the price wasn’t too bad, and it seemed to help my over-processed, utterly destroyed hair. It was decent as a light moisturiser, though not quite heavy enough for my super dry skin. Plus, everyone was talking about it, so I figured I might be on to something with this hippie lark. I spent ages reading about various different natural products I could use for my hair, trawling the internet for recipes involving all sorts of weird and wonderful (and sometimes downright boring) ingredients.

Enter Avocado Oil. image

The benefits of avocado for skin and hair kept re-appearing in almost everything I came across, but what really got my attention was the oil. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I soon learned that while avocados are indeed a mega healthy addition to your diet, the oil was downright magic. High in vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants (all very healthy, but also great for glowing skin and hair) mono-saturated fats (that’s the kind your heart will thank you for, by the way) amongst other lovely stuff which will do you all sorts of good inside and out.

I found it was one of the best all-purpose moisturisers I had come across, and with sandpaper skin like mine, I’ve tried quite a few. It’s also done wonders for the condition of my hair, and I swear it’s staving off the wrinkles. I found it less awkward to use than Coconut oil or Shea butter; avocado oil stays liquid whereas coconut oil will go hard when it cools.

Can you think of a manufactured product that is so multitasking for under a fiver?! Give it a go. Best case: you get a fab new product that you can use in a million different ways (if all else fails, eat it). Worst case: you smell like salad. You’ll live.

Clever uses for Avocado Oil: 

  • Bump up the moisturising power of your regular conditioner by mixing a few drops in the bottle (a small amount like this will rinse out just fine, you could even do this with your shampoo, too).
  • Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment before every hair wash. Just rub some in wet hair, and give it a few minutes.
  • Rub it on your lips instead of lip balm to keep them soft.
  • Use it as a makeup remover. Just put it on a soft cloth after washing your face and watch the makeup melt away.
  • Use it as a scalp treatment (it can help with dry scalp, dandruff, and is even purported to help in hair growth). Gently heat it and apply the warm oil to dry hair, then spend a few minutes massaging it in to your scalp before rinsing and shampooing as normal (your hair will be happy, too).
  • Put it in a cheapie little spritzer bottle for travel friendly skin goodness.
  • Massage it in to your face, neck and décolletage before bed for an anti-ageing serum.
  • Make a deep treatment hair mask by mixing it with an egg yolk and some semi solid coconut oil. Wrap in cling film and leave for an hour before shampooing out (coconut oil is tricky to shampoo out, so you may need to repeat a few times).
  • Smooth two or three drops into the ends of your wet hair after a shower for a moisturising leave-in (stay away from the fringe though, could get greasy).
  • Smooth two or three drops on dry hair to control frizzies, smooth split ends and tame flyaways.
  • Wear it under makeup to stop your makeup from flaking.
  • Smooth it into the rough soles of your heels after showering to soften the skin.
  • Sort your kiddie’s dodgy skin with it (it’s great for eczema).
  • EAT IT! Use it in place of your regular olive oil.

If you do end up giving it a try, I hope you enjoy avocado oil and get as much use out of it as I do.

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